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class pymor.algorithms.preassemble.PreAssembleRules[source]

Bases: pymor.algorithms.rules.RuleTable

Define algorithm by a table of match conditions and corresponding actions.

RuleTable manages a table of rules, stored in the rules attributes, which can be applied to given objects.

A new table is created by subclassing RuleTable and defining new methods which are decorated with match_class, match_generic or another rule subclass. The order of the method definitions determines the order in which the defined rules are applied.



If True, cache results of apply.


list of all defined rules.

action_AdjointOperator(self, op)[source]
action_assemble(self, op)[source]
action_identity(self, op)[source]
action_recurse(self, op)[source]
action_recurse_and_assemble(self, op)[source]

Preassemble non-parametric operators.

If obj is a non-parametric Operator, return obj.assemble() otherwise return obj. Recursively replaces children of obj.