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pymordemos.hapod.main(tol: float = Argument(..., help='Prescribed mean l2 approximation error.'), dist: int = Argument(..., help='Number of slices for distributed HAPOD.'), inc: int = Argument(..., help='Number of steps for incremental HAPOD.'), arity: int = Option(None, help='Arity of distributed HAPOD tree'), grid: int = Option(60, help='Use grid with (2*NI)*NI elements.'), nt: int = Option(100, help='Number of time steps.'), omega: float = Option(0.9, help='Parameter omega from HAPOD algorithm.'), procs: int = Option(0, help='Number of processes to use for parallelization.'), snap: int = Option(20, help='Number of snapshot trajectories to compute.'), threads: int = Option(0, help='Number of threads to use for parallelization.'))[source]

Compression of snapshot data with the HAPOD algorithm from [HLR18].