Environment Variables

pyMOR respects the following environment variables:


If 1, disable caching globally, overriding calls to enable_caching. This is mainly useful for debugging. See pymor.core.cache for more details.


If 1, disable coloring of logging output.


Whitespace separated list of config items which should be reported as missing even though they may be present. E.g., PYMOR_CONFIG_DISABLE="SLYCOT" can be used to prevent pyMOR from importing the Slycot library.


If empty or NONE, do not load any defaults from file. Otherwise, a :-separated list of the paths to a Python scripts containing defaults.


If set, VectorArray, Operator and related fixtures only use external solver backends.


If set, forces pyMOR to believe that it is running in a Jupyter environment even though automatic detection in is_jupyter failed.


Controls which profile the hypothesis pytest plugin uses to execute our test suites. Defaults to the “dev” profile which runs fewer variations than the “ci” or “ci_large” which get used in our GitLab CI.


If set, controls the value for mpi4py.rc.finalize. If PYMOR_MPI_FINALIZE is unset the value of mpi4py.rc.finalize remains unchanged, unless mpi4py.rc.finalize is None in which case it is defaulted to True.


Required threading level to require when pyMOR calls mpi4py.MPI.Init_thread.