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pymordemos.output_error_estimation.create_fom(grid_intervals, vector_valued_output=False)[source]
pymordemos.output_error_estimation.main(fom_number: int = Argument(..., help='Selects FOMs [0, 1, 2] for elliptic problems and [3, 4] for parabolic problems with scalar and vector valued outputs.'), grid_intervals: int = Argument(..., help='Grid interval count.'), training_samples: int = Argument(..., help='Number of samples used for training the reduced basis.'), modes: int = Argument(..., help='Number of basis functions for the RB space (generated with POD)'), reductor_count: int = Argument(..., help='Reductor type for elliptic problems:                                    0: SimpleCoerciveReductor                                    1: CoerciveRBReductor.                                    For parabolic FOMs [3, 4] ParabolicRBReductor is used.'))[source]