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pymordemos.trust_region.main(output_number: int = Argument(..., help='Selects type of output functional [0, 1], where 0 stands for linear and 1 for a quadratic output.'), grid_intervals: int = Argument(..., help='Grid interval count.'), training_samples: int = Argument(..., help='Number of samples used for training the reduced basis.'))[source]

Error aware trust-region method for PDE-constrained parameter optimization problems.

This demo compares three different approaches for solving PDE-constrained parameter optimization problems with linear and quadratic output functionals. As optimization method we compare:

  1. The reference method: Projected BFGS, only based on the FOM.

  2. The classical RB method: First standard Greedy for building a ROM, then projected BFGS with ROM.

  3. The error aware trust-region method proposed in [KMO+21].

The methods are compared in terms of computational time, iterations, optimization error, and FOM/ROM evaluations., output, reference_mu, reference_output, data, parse, descriptor=None)[source]